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Dacha Country Club

Dacha Country Club is a private business club located in the heart of Vihiga County in Kenya where new friendly personal and business connections are formed in an informal atmosphere, where you can meet with friends and partners, enjoy a delicious business lunch or hold negotiations, as well as have a good time among the people of your circle. Dacha Country Club is the only business club in Vihiga County. Dacha Country Club aspires to be a member of the International Associate Clubs (IAC), which entitles club members to visit more than 250 outstanding private clubs around the world, including business, sports, golf and country clubs.

Why Dacha Country Club

Dacha Country Club is a closed association of the business people. The Club is not about quantity, but quality of its guests. You can become a member of the Club via recommendation only. Club members can recommend their friends and business partners to join. Each application for the membership must be reviewed and approved by the Board. Upon approval of the application, the membership in the club is granted including the spouse of the main applicant. So far, bankers, prominent lawyers, doctors and representatives of the business elite are already club members.

Being a Club member means:

- Being a part of a privileged community of people united in the first private club in Vihiga, which has wide international relations.

- Getting unique opportunities for new, interesting acquaintances, such as outstanding representatives of both Ukraine and international business circles, and with the brightest stars of art, culture and politics.

- Having a special status, recognized not only in Ukraine and Kenya, but also abroad.

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Exclusive conversations prominent with guest speakers

Access to the application of other international Clubs

Ability to transfer membership to other employees within the same company

30% discount at the club house

Access private Clubs - Ukraine & Kenya

Invitations to events from Partner Clubs in Ukraine

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