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ATIG Microfinance

Africa Trade & Investment Group (ATIG) Micro Finance is a dynamic credit line firm created out of a vision to grow into multinational SACCO and later a multinational BANK that will serve the needs of this generation with a transformation to the information age while incorporating the industrial age techniques.

The admission of ATIG Micro Finance is through a dire need to offer better credit services to customers with the revamped technology

Our Commitment

Our main exclusive business is to offer affordable credit to our members in the shortest
period ever with minimal requirements at anytime. This includes emergency loans issued to
members through Mpesa,Airtel money or T-Cash. We also accept savings from members
who wish to increase their credit worthiness and position themselves to acquire unsecured
loans. In addition, we offer to our members legal, Financial and Tax advice.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is focused on our vision to become a transformative bank in a record
period of 5 years .Our focus is to remain faithful to our word, faithful to members and
truthful in all our submissions. Our unravelled commitment is to deliver our promise to our
members. Our commitment is to our vision.

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