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About Us


About Our Company


Africa Trade & Investment Group (ATIG) is an international consulting company that offers services that enable businesses in Africa address trade and investment challenges while taking advantage of the ever-increasing opportunities in three main areas, namely: Market research & intelligence, Strategy development and matchmaking services. 

Its vision is to develop a world of businesses that promote growth and create jobs and prosperity within Africa. ATIG provides technical support that assists businesses develop marketing strategies both locally and abroad. We also provide customized information to traders and producers through the ATIG magazine, the website, workshops, stakeholders platforms, and direct contacts among others.


To promote and facilitate trade in Africa by assisting businesses set up, comply with the existing legal and policy obligations while addressing market access, constraints and coordinating marketing initiatives.

Core Objectives

To carry on the business of professional advisers on integrated services in the fields of investments, business finance and management, marketing, pre-feasibility studies, evaluation reports, resource management and analysis on projects 

(b) To promote the growth and capacity of businesses to effectively trade in Africa 

(c) To undertake and carry on the business of investment and promote enhanced coordination of business activities across all countries in Africa 

(d) To lobby and advocate for a competitive trade and investment promotion in Africa